Carl Gia



Welcome to my website.  Photography will more than likely dominate the subject matter here, so if you are looking for artistic and sensual portraiture,

then you have come to the right place.

Stick around and explore.  Oh and while you are at it, why not make yourself a cup of tea/coffee or pour yourself a glass of wine or cognac if your prefer something stronger.  You might need it.

I picked up my firsl DSLR at a later stage.  It was a Canon camera and I am hooked on Canon ever since.

Because of life changing events, the journey led me down the lane of photography.   But before that, I was always fascinated with beauty, high end glossy magazines, images.  

To be able to capture a moment -making time stand still for just one split second was like magic that fascinated me.

"I wish I was a camera sometimes.  So I could take your picture with my mind.  Put it in a frame for you to see.  How beautiful you really are to me." -Jon Bon Jovi.